If you want something different you have to do something different. Many people find themselves in the same type of job with the same type of pay all of their lives. They want more money or at least a job that they love, but they can't figure out how to make it happen. They know that if they get the job they want it will elevate their pay and their bank account! Finding a new career is not easy especially one that pays more than your current place of employment. The job search evolves constantly and it is very hard to keep up with all of the tips that can lead you to the career you want. I think we all can agree that sending resume after resume does not work anymore. So what does work? You m


Society will tell us that you have to look better than everyone else and in order to do that you have to spend a lot of money on certain clothes. You have to wear certain brands and if you don't wear those brands you are less than a person. All of this is completely absurd I know, but people believe it. I believed it. When I was growing up, mainly starting in high school I always thought I needed name brand clothes and shoes. I used to beg my mama to buy the latest fashions. Tommy Hilfiger, Baby Phat, London Fog, Timberlands, Ralph Lauren, and the list goes on. These clothes were not cheap and I didn't understand how expensive they were until my parents started making me buy my own clothes a


Happy New Year!!!! Last week I did a webinar and although I did two different times (12PM and 7PM) that both reached capacity and lasted over an hour I could tell that people needed more. Numerous questions flowed in through email, twitter, instagram and FB from attendees and even those who watched the replay. All of the questions made me realized that people needed more than a webinar. It would take more than one webinar to solve everyone's question. I thought about doing a challenge, but there are challenges everywhere and many times we do a challenge the first two weeks of the new year and by February it is over. I want to help you build a foundation when it comes to your money. Throughou

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