December 31, 2015: In 2016 I am going to finally quit this job because I hate it and I am going to do what I love. I am going save up some money and take my family on a great vacation. 2016 is going to be the year that I start my business. I am going to buy my dream house next year! I will not be living paycheck to paycheck in 2016. How did 2016 go for you financially? Are you setting the same money goals for 2017 that you did in 2016? I have a new goal for you in 2017. That you won't be in the same place in 2018! Your time is NOW and I want to help you start off 2017 strong when it comes to your finances. THIS WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 28TH I WILL BE DOING A FREE WEBINAR If you are ready for a per


America. Land of big and bigger. Land of you must have the "American Dream." Unfortunately many are misinterpreting how to go about that American Dream. That dream of owning a home and no longer renting. Each year there is always a national discussion between renting an apartment and buying a home. The argument is always "I am tired of giving my money to someone else when I could be paying for something that I own!" Trust me there is nothing wrong with wanting to own a home, but this can not be your reason. This type of reasoning will land you in a financial nightmare. I know there are pressures all around you. There is the pressure of a society that says everyone should have a home. The pre


There is advice everywhere! Online and off everyone is willing to give you their two cents. The problem with financial advice is that you can't just get it from anybody. Especially if that person only has $.02. When people tell me that this person told them this about getting out of debt, or another person told them this about saving money or investing I often ask them one simple question. Does that person you are listening to have evidence backing up their advice? Do they have an emergency fund of six months? Are they out of debt? Do they use credit cards as a crutch and disguise it to you as if they are "building credit"? Taking money advice from broke people is never the way to go. You ha


Relationships come in all forms. Parent and child. Husband and wife. Teacher and student. Friends. Best friends. Grandma and grandson. Business partners. So on and so on. Relationships can take so many turns over a lifetime and some turns are good and some turns are bad. Some turns grow the relationship and make it stronger and some turns destroy the relationship altogether. Money many times is the reason for the turns in relationships. It is not actually the paper part of money, but the behavior with money that makes relationships change. It does not matter how close two people are, money can either make them closer or separate them forever. How can the behavior of money bring relationships

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