Don't worry about it. It will be fine. Trust me. I will get to it. Stop stressing. It is not that serious. I will get to it when I get to it. Next year will be a better year for me to try that. It is very easy to say any of the sentences above. Life makes it very easy to just sail along and see what the end is going to be. When it comes to finances none of this is going to work. We can't just wait to see what may or may not happen because that is the fastest way to go NOWHERE. Times have changed and we have to be more proactive when it comes to our money. When it comes to our financial future. There are baby boomers today that said in their thirties that there was no need to save outside of


America has many holidays and many traditions. For the most part everyone falls in line and does what everyone else does. This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving and it is custom that people come together and eat wonderful food around a dinner table. They give thanks and watch sports throughout the day. Thanksgiving is a time of relaxation and reflection on the year up to this point. But there is a tradition that comes right after Thanksgiving, sometimes it collides with it. It is a tradition that is full of panic and frenzy. Full of inconsideration, impatience, and anger. Black Friday is this week also and it is a time where we go from being thankful at 5pm to standing in line at 6pm on Th


This time of year can be very hard for someone who is trying to stay on track getting out of debt. You have Black Friday, holiday parties, charities, and Christmas. There are people coming from all sides trying to separate you from your money. I am sure for the past month you have been receiving emails from your favorite retailers and phone alerts telling you not to wait for Black Friday, but instead buy now! During all of this noise it is very easy to completely close yourself off to the temptation, but it is also easy to do something else. You may find yourself trying to convince those around you to do the same. Trying to convince family, friends, and complete strangers to go cold turkey w


When you are working hard to pay off debt at every turn you have to look for savings. If you are about to spend money in any area when the receipt reaches your hand on it should be a discounted price. Many people who rent cars think that the price on the screen is the best price available and that they don't have any other option, but to pay the full price. It has become easier and easier to save with rental cars whether it is for a business trip, vacation, or a family emergency. I travel a lot and when I have the opportunity to drive I do because I love the time it gives me to think. My trips are usually more than one day so I need to make sure I am saving the most money as possible. Thanks

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