Leaves are starting to fall which means my energy bill is going to start falling as well! When the seasons change whether it is from Summer to Fall, Fall to Winter, Winter to Spring, or Spring to Summer it is the best time to save money! When the temperatures begin to change that is when you must make your move! Turn your thermostat up as the Summer changes to Fall and your thermostat down when Winter changes to Spring. Both changes give you the opportunity to control your energy bill and add room to your budget. When the temperatures move to the 70's after Summer ends that is your opportunity to move the thermostat to the high 70's or even cut it off. This will make sure that your home is n


$18,000 $2,250 $750 100 228 Recently as I was on my way to the Council For Opportunity In Education conference and I was reading a study that was conducted by the Corporation For Enterprise Development. The report was all about the growing racial wealth gap, the causes of it, and potential solutions. The reason it caught my attention is because of the media repeating one number, 228, but first let’s talk about the other numbers. Based on their findings if the same growth continued over the next 30 years caucasian households would see their wealth grow $18,000 a year while hispanics would see growth of $2,250 a year and African American households would see $750 a year. If you think th


I don’t know what I would do if that happened to me! Have you ever said that sentence while watching someone else go through a hard time. A hard time that you knew hurt them financially. Did it have you wondering how you would pay for the same situation if it happened to you? If so then your breathing is short. Not your physical breath, but your financial breath. If you are constantly worrying about what could happen to you then your safety net is filled with holes. Holes that need to be filled. It does not matter your age there will be emergencies that will hit. You could be 74 years old and all of a sudden one of your children passes away with no life insurance. Maybe you are 42 y


So many people ask me "how were you able to pay off such a large amount of debt in such a short period of time?" There were many strategies that I used, but until recently I didn't realize how one strategy really affected the final outcome. It was a strategy that kept more money in my pocket each week. I would have certain days that I would spend no money. Yes you read that correctly. I did not spend money on anything. The gas station, the movie theater, the cleaners, and so on did not see a dime from me. I got to the point that I started calling the days my "no spending days". I share with people today in my books and courses the importance of having "no spending days". No spending d

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