The best money is easy money. Money that you don't have to put much work into to receive it. When you are trying to pay off debt, easy money is what you need to make your path to debt free faster. Easy money usually is not going to come from your 9-5 so where does it come from? Yard sales! Yes a yard sale is easy money and it is fast money! When I was trying to pay off the $50,000 of debt in those two years I needed a lot of easy money. Yard sales was a way for me to make at least $200 every Saturday in four hours or less. There was one Saturday that I made $800 in four hours and that $800 put a nice dent in my debt. Not everyone is a fan of yard sales and that is mainly because of th


Many people complete their spending plan and think "I have made it! I know where my money is going so I am going to get out of debt in no time!" Unfortunately it is not that easy! Ninety nine percent of people still have to make another move in order to pay off debt. Without this move they could stay in the same place financially for a long time. When we completed our spending plan I still did not have enough money at the end of the month to pay off debt quickly or even pay off debt at a steady pace. My expenses heavily outweighed the income coming in so there was only one option. Cut some expenses out or cut some back. Whenever I start to talk about cutting expenses out of the spendin


What are you freaking out about? It is just numbers on paper. It is just a record for each month of the year. It is very hard to recover people from panic mode when you start talking about doing a "budget." To many people think a budget is the end of their exciting lives and they must enter into a life of boredom. A life where they never go out with their friends again and they eat food that taste like cardboard all in the name of saving money. Well, relax. It is nothing like that. It is really just a plan! A spending plan to be exact. A plan for how you are going to spend your money. Up until now you and your money have been going through life blindly and all that has gotten you i


How hard do you work each day? How hard do you work each month? How hard do you work every year? If the answer is very hard then why in the world would you not want to know where your money was going every day, every month, and every week? Think about the day your boss made you upset or that client didn't show up. Think about all the difficult days and all the TGIF’s. When you start to think about it even if you just think about this year those thoughts will make you embrace the idea of finding every penny you spend. The problem that everyone runs into is how to actually do that. How can you effectively track all of your expenses so that your money stops slipping away from you every pa


Do you find yourself with more month than money? So many of us ask ourselves this question every month. Our paycheck comes and our paycheck goes. We remember working the entire month, but for some reason we don't have anything to show for it. Our savings account has not grown and we are still not on that dream vacation that we have been imagining month after month. What could be wrong? Why is it so hard to get ahead? It is a simple answer. You are not keeping up with your money. Each month your money is saying hello and goodbye in the same day and that has to change if you ever want to gain traction with your finances. You have to get to the point that you are saying this amount of m

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