I will start next month. I will start in six months when I get a new job. I will start January 1st. When you are deciding to get your finances under control you can easily slip into eternal procrastination. It is easy to feel that "next time" is the best time, but once that time comes around somehow nothing happens. All this leads to is millions and millions of people never getting out of debt. Millions and millions of people who die in debt leaving no inheritance. There will never be the perfect time to make changes to your finances. Never a perfect time to look at how much you owe or have saved. You have to just start! Don't wait for anyone to join you, just start! Don't wait to m


I can't wait until I get older so that I can be a ............. I am going to be the best ...... in the world! So many dreams, so many aspirations, unlimited ambition. There used to be a time when if someone doubted our dreams we would gladly ignore them and continue on our path! There was a time in our life when the universe was the limit. Unfortunately that time was when we were children and not as adults. When we were children we wanted to be so many things, but at some point we lost that imagination. Some of our dreams were lost as we got older because someone older than us told us it was not possible. They failed at their dreams and so decided they should become dream killers. Other


Every week do you feel like you are just running in a circle. You wake up Monday morning and say why I am in the same place that I was last Monday? Why have I not moved any closer to my dreams? Why does my bank account look the same or even worse than it did a week ago? There comes a time in everyone's life when you have to say "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!" When it comes to your money the status quo is no longer an option. If you want your financial situation to change for the better then your attitude has to move towards an attitude of determination. Determination that you are not going to wake up another Monday morning feeling the same way you did the week before. De

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