2016 Honda Accord, 2016 Toyota Camry, 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe, 2016 Ford F-150. Cars are a status symbol. Car companies like Ford and General Motors are looked at as the backbone of America. They are such a backbone that the United States bailed them out during the “Great Recession.” Majority of Americans have cars. Some have cars to get from point A to point B, and others have cars for another reason. That other reason keeps that person in debt for their entire life. I am sure you are saying to yourself that is not true. Well lets take a look at car purchases. When a person buys a new car the mentality is usually not about getting to work and back. It is about having a nice looking car.


When I was going through the journey of paying off my $50,000 of debt in 2 1/2 years I wanted everyone to be involved. I wanted everyone to go on the journey with me and it didn’t matter if they wanted to or not. They could have been debt free saving money every month and I wanted them to cut out eating out during the week. I wanted them to stay away from shopping and going on vacation. Why? It was because I didn’t want to go through that hard journey alone. Yes, it was my husband and I paying off the debt, but when you see your friends around you “living life” you want to be doing the same. In order for me not to have that feeling my solution was to just stop them from spending money.


Want to know why so many people give up when they try to get out of debt? They give up because they can’t see themselves any closer to the end. Paying off debt is hard and when people can’t see progress they just stop and claim that being in debt is just a way of life. They believe that they will never be free so why even try! All they think about is how much debt is left to pay off. They don’t think about the most important question. How much they have paid off? That is the real measure. That is the real question! How far you have come is what should be asked. There is no way you are in the same place you were when you first started. Your student loan balance is smaller. Your car


There is a reason that my usual weekly post is going out today instead of on this past Monday. It is not because Monday was a holiday, it is because on Monday someone decided to steal my MAC, iPad, iPhone, notebooks, and luggage with all of my clothes and my children clothes. They also stole my husband's luggage as well. This post is not about the thieves. It is about preparation especially when it comes to our money. A lot of high price items were stolen. The amount lost was in the thousands. Thankfully I have homeowner's insurance, but I also have an "In Case You Are Breathing Fund!"™ An ICYABF™ is for emergencies and Monday's incident was an emergency! Forget the clothes, shoes, and

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