For the past month I have been receiving message after message and call after call from over one hundred high school seniors or parents of high school seniors. They usually come across my profile online and reach out for advice. The question is the same. How do I find money for college? I am glad that they reach out because I believe in better late than never. Hopefully they are able to get some money before August or at least build a habit where they search for free money while they attend college. As high school comes to an end for these students in the next few weeks their inquiry has me worried. Where was this curiosity for free money over the past eighteen years? Scholarships are


Want to know what is popular right now? Free college! Specifically free college tuition. The topic is front and center in the national political debate. There are students marching in the streets protesting high college costs and student loan debt. Article after article being written about “is college worth the cost?” With all of this buzz around college tuition and reining in the cost of attending college you would think that NC Senate Bill 873 would be a home run, especially with me. I speak all around the country on different college campuses showing students how to handle money so that when they graduate from college they can pay off their student loans fast! My overall goal for h


Want to know what is so great about April being Financial Literacy Month? It is not the speaking all over the country on different college campuses. It is hearing the many questions from college seniors who had less than a month before graduating. Questions mostly about when do they have to start to pay their loans back and how are they going to pay the debt back. To be honest 98% percent of the questions was "how am I going to pay this debt off?" This is a smart question to have since 2015 graduates had an average student loan debt of $35,000 and 2016 class debt load will definitely be higher. There is one problem with this question. Why was it not asked earlier than the last semester


Whether it is just for one night or for multiple nights you should not pay a ridiculous amount of money to stay at a hotel. Does not matter the city you can find great deals when you are traveling. In order to find those great savings you have to have patience. That patience can pay off big time! First you must have a good idea of where you want to stay. Are you going to a city for a conference? You need to know the address of the conference so that you choose the least expensive hotel near where you will be. The same goes for when you travel for vacation. In the case of a vacation you should look for a hotel in the area of most of the places that you want to visit while you are in tow

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