It is that time of year. March Madness! Millions of people including myself find ourselves in front of any device trying to watch the numerous basketball games that come on throughout the day. Before the tournament began I was on the ESPN app creating my bracket and picking the teams that I thought would win each game. I took my time during selection and looked at each game carefully because I wanted to win! When the games began and points started to pile up I realized that not only do millions of people watch March Madness, but they also participate in this ESPN bracket game. One of my brackets I am in 12 millionth place! People are so serious about winning and losing and it made me wonder

You Want To Pay Me What?!

The question is not why do women get paid $.79 for every dollar that a man makes. The real question is why do we as women accept it? Even more importantly how do we correct it from the beginning of our careers? People can argue about the numbers, but no one can argue that there is a gap that needs to be filled. Until the rest of the United States, the rest of the world comes around we as women have to be prepared to go after our worth at the negotiation table. Why do women need to strive for their best when it comes to pay? It is because women should be in the best place financially to save as much money as they can and they can't do that if they are not getting paid correctly. When I

It's Our Turn!

"You stay here at home and make sure everything is handled here. I am going to work and I will be home around 6PM for dinner with you and the children." That is how conversations used to go in homes all around America most of last century with the husband going to work and the wife staying at home with the kids. Men would make the money and decide how the money was spent and saved. Women would follow a man's lead when it came to finances whether that man was her husband or her father. All that dependency would leave widows with no idea of how to financially take care of themselves when that male figure was gone. Women's History Month is the best time to talk about how it is now our tur


I recently spoke on the campus of Sam Houston State University and during my time there I noticed something about the students that I came in contact with throughout the day. My day started with a breakfast that students attended and for about thirty minutes they were able to ask questions. Each question they asked showed that they really wanted answers that would guide them in the right direction financially. They didn't ask questions just to ask questions. They were asking personal questions so that they would receive personal answers from me. There were so many questions that we had to stop because the breakfast was over. My next event in the day was my keynote and that was open to th

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